Using NSAttributedString

This post focusses on the usage of NSAttributedString in Objective C. All of the attributes of NSString are demonstrated with the help of code examples.

Move UITextField Up/Down with Keyboard

One of the behaviors of iOS devices which I see as a limitation is that the default keyboard hides the views behind it. Hence the user cannot interact with the UIViews and Controls behind the keyboard. I found a great answer on StackOverflow to solve this problem. However the code used in this answer moves every textField by the same amount. So even if you are editing a textField which does not get hidden behind the textField will still move up and may disappear out of the device screen upwards.

Animate AutoLayout Constraints!

AutoLayout is one the most significant features of modern iOS development. It simplifed the app design and saved developers from managing the view frames for different orientations and different devices with different screen resolutions as well. If you are familiar with frontend Web development you will find it similar to a Responsive Web Design.

Bringing out a Change is Difficult

Introducing Version Control

Its 03:23 AM, and I can't sleep. Okay! Let's crawl Instagram

Today is Sunday, 21 Dec 2014, the time is 03:23 AM. Temperature in Pune this time is about 6 - 7 °C. This is relatively a cold night and it is always easy to fall asleep in winter. But wait, I am standing in the balcony because I couldn’t sleep, I was having random thoughts which in turn made new thoughts.

Delegates in iOS

There are several ways tasks can communicate with one another. One of those ways is to use a delegate. A delegate is an object that agrees to undertake certain decisions or tasks for another object, or would like to be notified when certain events occur.

Screen Resolution of iDevices

Any time a new handheld device is released by Apple, developers face issues of managing their views as per the device screen. This post will help you know the Screen Resolution of various Apple Handheld Devices.

iOS App Icon Size

If you are compiling your app with iOS 8 sdk or later then use the first icon table and if compiling with iOS 7 sdk then use the second table.