Short summaries and notes that could potentially be a blog. A short may contain anything; code snippets, paragraphs, or it could simply be a collection of links to some other great content. It’s basically a brain dump!


Week 2

Dave DeLong’s HTTP Library

I got to know about Dave DeLong a long time back from his WWDC presentation on NSOperation. Then in 2020, I contributed to Paul Hudson’s Control Room on GitHub and Dave suggested some really good improvements on the PR. Paul thanked Dave and me on his Twitter for our contributions. I was elated by this mention.

Okay, so I was browsing the web for some good content and landed upon Dave’s website and started reading about the HTTP library series. I have already read 8 articles in this series and loved his idea of “the network call chain”. Basically, he is chaining every operation that happens in an API call in form of HTTPLoaders. Operations like logging, authentication, setting environments are some loaders I have seen so far in the series. Because these loaders are designed to do specifically one thing, it is super easy to create, plug, and play them anywhere in the chain. There is no final version published on his GitHub to see the library in action, you have to go through the entire series to see what’s happening. Following the series, I am creating a Swift package for my personal projects, let’s see where this goes.

Week 1

I have no memory of this week, shorts(this page) was born in Week 2: 2022.