• Intel Core i5-9400F
  • AMD Radeon RX-570 4Gb
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX-3000MHz 16Gb
  • Crucial P1 250Gb NVME
  • Gigabyte B365M Gaming HD
  • Benq 24-inch, FHD 75Hz


Development Environment

  • Xcode I am an iOS dev guys.

  • Android Studio for all the helper tools I make for my Android phone.

  • Sublime Text, VSCode keep switching between these two for text editing.

  • iTerm the must have terminal emulator for macOS.

  • Alfred with Powerpack highly recommend this Spotlight replacement, have added a lot of workflows and snippets for my use.


  • Swift For iOS development and Mac development, I know Objective-C as well, but you know, Swift is the future.
  • Python For scripting and web development, I was a backend dev at Haptik for 2 years.
  • Golang Only know the basics, getting used to it. It’ll probably become my primary language for web development.
  • Javascript you just can’t get away from JS, I use it for automating stuff from the dev-console on third-party webpages when I am bored.

Everything Else

  • Google Play Books I use it on all the devices to read ebooks.

  • Adobe XD helping me learn design and create wallpapers, might move to Figma.

  • Notion will probably stop using other related apps in favour of this, I love Notion.

  • Todoist scheduling my day to tasks. Present in all of my devices.

  • Trello manage my personal projects.

  • Snapseed, Lightroom to post process the bad pictures I click.

  • MITMProxy reverse engineer API calls